Unwritten Dreams

A Selé Fine Art Series by Fleur Panhuijzen

Fine Art Series

At Selé we aim to inspire and stay inspired during our creative journey restoring the art of sleep. For this reason, we launched the Selé Fine Art Series, manifesting unique work through collaborations with established and upcoming artists and other creatives. The recurring theme is the night and dreamworld, which proves to be an inexhaustible source of mystery and inspiration.

The location directly appealed to me, it has something magical. This tiny house, in the middle of the forest, is a serene place perfectly suited to unwind and disconnect from the daily buzz of the city. As soon as I arrived, it immediately felt like it was exactly what we needed to create shots with a dreamy style in a serene surroundings. I mainly lowered the brightness and added an analog feeling to the photos. The result is the photo series Unwritten Dreams.

“The art of photography is all about not preparing a shoot in detail, but fulfilling opportunities along the way during the shoot.”

- Fleur Panhuijzen

My approach is not based on any accepted methods or techniques. The key to successfully capturing sophisticated photos of the naked body is my subtle feeling for aesthetics and of course my instinct to do this in the best way possible on the go. I capture the model in the way she has inspired it. For me, the art of photography is all about not preparing a shoot in detail, but fulfilling opportunities along the way during the shoot.

Nude photography has been a genre of fine art photography since the inception of the medium in the middle of the nineteenth century. The combination of nude and dreamy vibes were a perfect fit for me and resulted in photos that emphasize the female curves of the model’s body and captured the dreamy feeling in this beautiful serene surroundings.

Photographer: Fleur Panhuijzen

Model: Erin van Dongen

Fleur Panhuijzen

Fleur Panhuijzen is an independent photographer based in Amsterdam. Around 2013 Fleur cultivated photography as a hobby by creating portraits. A few years later, Fleur was asked by different model agencies who published her work in well-known magazines. At this stage of her career, she is expanding into fine art photography.

Fine Art Series

With this first Fine Art Series we are at the early stage of our creative journey. Stay updated on future collaborations and limited editions. Follow us on Instagram and feel free to sign up for our newsletter. 

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